Standards Malaysia, the national standards organisation, has appointed Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) as a Standard Development Agency (SDA) to administer and manage standardisation activities within the scope of the Industrial Standards Committee on Timber relating to Timber, Timber Products and Timber Structure with effect from September 2013.

MTIB is a statutory body accredited to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities. MTIB was established in 1973 by an Act of Parliament. The main objective is to promote and coordinate the overall development of the timber industry. MTIB is honoured to take on the role as a Standard Development Agency (SDA) and to manage ISC on Timber under the National Standards Committee (MyNSC) of the Malaysian Standards and Accreditation Council.

The appointment of MTIB as a SDA, marked another milestone in MTIB’s efforts towards strengthening the development of the Malaysian timber industry through several standardisation activities in particular the establishment of standards for timber, timber products and timber structure.

Director General's Message

Dato' Dr. Jalaluddin Harun

"In recognition of MTIB’s role in successfully ensuring high quality and high value added timber products for global market, MTIB has been entrusted to develop standards for timber and timber products in line with her new roles as A Standards Development Agency (SDA)."


Areas of Standards

  1. Sawn timber, saw logs, and semi-manufacturers of timber
  2. Wood-based panels
  3. Moulding, joinery and wood-based furniture
  4. Timber and timber products
  5. Usage of timber and timber products including grading, nomenclature, terminology and processes
  6. Structural use of timber


Responsibilities of SDA

Responsibilities of MTIB as a Standards Development Agency (SDA) for timber and timber products:

  1. Carrying out technical work with regards to standards development
  2. Producing the draft of the Malaysian Standards(MS) for approval by the Government
  3. Establishing the infrastructure for standards development which may consists of technical committees which are represented by balanced stakeholders to ensure the credibility of the standards developed